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Welcome to Willow Creek Apartments! As a new member of our community, we ask that you participate in our building’s recycling program. Recycling is a great way to conserve resources, energy and expense, and contribute towards the overall sustainability of     our complex. Plus, we’ve made it simple and convenient for you.

The fact is that some recycling actions make a bigger impact than others. So please remember these three basic rules the next time you recycle:


You would be amazed by how big of an impact you can make just by following these simple  rules! Here are a few additional tips to help you recycle right in your new home:

  • Use a reusable bag, cardboard box, or a dedicated bin to collect recyclables in your unit and then transport to the recycling container conveniently located here in our community. If you are short on space try storing it under your sink. Visit to get more ideas on how to set up your recycling system.
  • No plastic bags in the recycling containers! If you choose to use a plastic bag to collect  recyclables in your unit, please empty that plastic bag of recyclables directly into the  designated collective recycling container available to you. Then, either put the plastic bag in the trash cart, reuse, or take it back to your local grocer for recycling. Find a location near you at:
  • Pledge to Recycle Often. Recycle Right.SM and become a Recycling Ambassador at
  • Guide to Recycling


To find even more information about recycling, visit . We are glad you are here, and thank you for recycling!


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